Access to CERN for participants in club activities

Applicable to:  Club members who do not hold a CERN access card, non-members participating in club activities


This procedure is intended to allow

  • occasional access to CERN for club members and non-members taking part in club activities on the CERN site (the trial class of an exercise club, to enrol for lessons with the ski club or for a concert organised by the music club, etc.), and

  • regular access to CERN for club members (to take part regularly in activities that take place on the CERN site)

on the condition that the persons concerned are not entitled to a CERN access card by virtue of their personnel status or status as a spouse or family member of a member of the personnel.

Anyone wishing to access the CERN site on an occasional basis must obtain an access authorisation from the club.
Club members requiring regular access must be issued with a CERN card and be registered as “external”.

This CERN card must be worn visibly. It is personal and only its owner is allowed to use it.

In both cases, the approval of the club president, who will act as the guarantor for the person concerned, is required, unless the club president is not a staff member, in which case a member of the club's committee who is a staff member must act as guarantor. By signing, the guarantor engages the responsibility of the Staff Association (and not the department) as each club is deemed "to constitute a largely autonomous unit affiliated to the Staff Association".
For ease of reading, the term “guarantor” refers to the club president or, where applicable, the committee member who is a CERN staff member.

N.B. access authorisation is not necessary to attend events organised by clubs that take place outside the fenced CERN site, for example, in the barracks next to Entrance A.


1. Occasional access for members and non-members

The procedure below applies to club members and non-members who wish to take part occasionally in an activity organised by a CERN club on the CERN site.

Club members who wish to access the CERN site more than 5 times a year are considered to be regular visitors and must obtain a CERN access card following the procedure detailed under 2.

It is the club’s responsibility to ensure that persons are not granted access authorisation more than 5 times a year.

1.1 Access request

Clubs that intend to invite people to their activities taking place on the CERN site can

  • either ask each person to submit an individual access request
  • or choose to collect the details of all participants in advance and submit a group access request.
1.1.1 Individual access

At least two days before arriving on site, the person who wishes to access the CERN site must complete the form CERN Club Access Request (via the Service Portal) indicating

  • surname and first name,
  • nationality,
  • the registration number of the vehicle used on site, if applicable,
  • e-mail address,
  • telephone number,
  • city of birth,
  • date of birth,
  • the club concerned,
  • the reason for requesting access to CERN (trial class, enrolment, etc.),
  • the CERN site (Prévessin or Meyrin) that the person wishes to access,
  • the date of the visit (which must be in the future; it cannot be the same day).

After submission, the access request is sent to the club president concerned and to the persons designated by the latter for approval and then to the Reception and Access Control Service. Once approved, a confirmation including a reservation code is sent to the requestor and the club president.

1.1.2 Group access

Clubs organising events on the CERN site that are intended for a large number of people who do not have access can obtain access authorisation for a group of people.
The club must prepare an event via Indico. He then activates visitor card management using the "CERN visitor badges" option in the "Logistics" menu. At the time of the activation, the creator of the event indicates which registration forms will be used to give access. The participant must register online using one of the forms indicated. The creator of the event then individually confirms each participant's right to access the site in Indico and the participant receive an e-mail asking him to fill in his nationality, date and place of birth (in an Indico form). When this information has been submitted, each participant receives an e-mail containing a reservation code and a visitor card, which should be printed in A4 format and then folded into four to obtain an A6 format.

Note for clubs: A list of guarantors, i.e. those who can approve an individual or group access request, is managed using an e-group that contains the names of the guarantors. To add or remove a guarantor, the club president is invited to contact the president of the Clubs Coordinating Committee (CCC).

1.2 Access to the CERN site

The task of the security guards is to check, across the whole site, the identity of persons and vehicles, access authorisations and goods being transported. To help visitors find their way around, the security guards have maps of the CERN site available.

1.2.1 Individual accesses

On the day of the event, the club member must go to the printing terminal in Building 33 (Main Reception), enter the unique code that he has received and collect the visitor card(s) from the security guard on duty, presenting a valid identity document.

Outside the opening hours of the Main Reception, the remaining visitor cards can be collected from the security guard on duty at Entrance B.

If the event takes place on the Prévessin site, the club member must go to the Reception of the building 33 first to collect his visitor card and then go to the Prévessin site.

Access to CERN takes place exclusively via the Entrance B of the Meyrin site or via the Main Entrance to the Prévessin site, on the day indicated in the confirmation.

2. Regular access for members

Club members who wish to access the CERN site regularly (more than five times a year), must obtain a CERN access card.

2.1 How to obtain a CERN card

Members of clubs who need a CERN card should contact their club, specifying their first name, surname and e-mail address.

  1. The club's guarantor then uses the Pre-Registration Tool (PRT) to launch the request to register the person as "External, reason: CLUB" on the person's behalf by entering his or her first name, surname and e-mail address.
    It is also necessary to indicate the name of the guarantor in the request: generally this is the club's president, but if he or she is not a staff member, another member of the club committee who is a staff member may act as the guarantor.

    Note for clubs : Access rights for PRT are managed by the Clubs Coordinating Committee (CCC), which should be contacted by the club's president to add/remove a member of the committee to/from the list of people who have access to PRT. Only holders of a primary CERN computing account may have access to PRT.

  2. The club member is invited, via an automatically generated e-mail, to complete a form in PRT indicating his or her:
    • nationality
    • date and place of birth
    • marital status
    • the details of his or her identity document: type, number, country of issue, validity dates

    and to upload a scan of this identity document.
    This must be done within two weeks; beyond this deadline, the link to PRT in the e-mail will no longer work.

  3. Next, the following services and individuals must approve the registration request in PRT:
    • the guarantor (as named in the request), who validates the identity of the club member
    • the Registration Service, after having checked the club member's eligibility for a CERN card
    • the Staff Association, to finalise the entry and to register the person as "External, reason: CLUB" in the database. The registration will be valid for a maximum of one year.
  4. Lastly, the following services and individuals are automatically informed that the registration is complete via an e-mail generated by PRT:
    • The Registration Service so that it can produce the CERN card.
    • the club member, who is invited to go to the Registration Service (Building 55) to have his or her photograph taken, which is an essential prerequisite for the card to be issued.

The card is valid for a period of one year and is renewable. It allows the club member to access the CERN site in order to participate in the club activities for which he/she has enrolled. In the event of misuse, the card will be cancelled.

2.2 Extending the validity of the CERN card

The procedure described in section 2.1 must be followed when the card expires.

A new photograph is not required for the new card to be issued. If the club member is unable to go to the Registration Service to collect the CERN card, the guarantor can request the Service to issue one on his/her behalf. Once the card has been issued, the guarantor can hand it over to the club member in person.


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1 Establishment of a separate procedure if occasional access on the CERN site. 18.09.2014
2 Introduction of PRT for registration of Externals for clubs 08.12.2016
3 Visible wearing of a badge 02.05.2018
4 Revision of the paragraph 2.1 How to obtain a CERN card. It allows the club member to access the CERN site in order to participate in the club activities for which he/she has enrolled. In the event of misuse, the card will be cancelled. 12.02.2020