CERN access card

Applicable to:  Beneficiaries of the CERN Pension Fund, "External” category, members of the personnel and their family members, Contractor personnel


A valid CERN card is needed to enter the fenced parts of the CERN site and certain controlled-access areas. In the latter case, access is also subject to having the relevant prior authorisations.

Different categories of card, allowing access to different places and at different times, are issued according to the cardholder’s status.

The conditions governing the issue and use of CERN access cards are explained in detail in Operational Circular No. 2 and its annexes.

This CERN card must be worn visibly. It is personal and only its owner is allowed to use it.


1. How to obtain a CERN card

The CERN card is issued to members of the personnel and contractors' personnel holding a valid contract, in the framework of the arrival formalities. They must go to the Registration Service in person to obtain their card, bringing along their passport or identity card.

Family members, beneficiaries of the CERN Pension Fund and persons registered as External in the HR Oracle database must also go to the Registration Service.

The different types of cards and their period of validity are defined in Annex II of the Implementation Measures of Operational Circular No. 2.

N.B.: To facilitate arrival formalities, new members of the personnel can obtain a visitor card valid for 2 days and printable at home.

Special case: Access to CERN site for the children (aged 20 to 25 years) of associated members of the personnel.

2. Extending the validity of the CERN card

When the expiry date printed on the CERN card is reached, the holder of the card must go to the Registration Service​ in person to have it renewed.

3. Returning a CERN card

A holder of a CERN card who no longer fulfils the applicable conditions (e.g. when a contract, assignment or registration expires) must surrender the card, as well as any cards associated with it (e.g. those belonging to family members or accompanying persons), to the Registration Service​.

4. What to do in the event of a problem?

Any problems concerning the CERN access cards and any cases of refused access to a CERN area, building or experiment should be reported by e-mail to the Access Control Service​.

The loss or theft of a CERN card must be declared immediately via the Declaration of loss or theft or the Service Desk. Once the declaration has been made, the person concerned should go to the Registration Service​ to obtain a new card. The other card is then blocked.


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3 Special case: Access to CERN site for the children (aged 20 to 25 years) of associated members of the personnel. 29.11.2018